1. While, Mrs. Suguna Gattu, Poranki Village, Vijayawada, Krishna Dt., India, is its backbone. She is the visionary behind the Trust. She is the mother who cares for the life and future of number of poor children and poor senior citizens with her benevolence.
  2. Their son, Mr. Devi Mani Virat Gattu, Now in 1709 APT 31, East Park Place, Milwavkee, Wisconsin – 53211, U.S.A., is the strong supporter. He has a vision to expand the scope of the mission with his enthusiasm, zeal and dynamic approach.
  3. Their Grand Daughter Baby Parnika Reddy Kalavakunta, Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Yudheer Kumar & Anusha, now in , Edgedaleplains, # 11-179, Singapore – 823174, is the future leading generation.
  4. Mr. Vara Prasad Raju Dendukuri, Visakhapatnam, A.P. India, coordinator of above said companies.
  5. Mrs. Prashanti Singh, Bondyel Khund, M.P., India, Administrator of above said companies.

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